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peanut-ginger tvp stirfry

This past weekend the boy, his sister who is visiting from Hungary, and I went camping on FranklinIsland in the Georgian Bay area. It was absolutely beautiful; super sunny, sparkling water, tons tons tons of frogs. It was supposed to be a paddling trip, but I spent most of is lying in the sun, drinking cold tea (much better than algae-flavoured lake water), reading and eating. Oh my god, I ate so so much that I actually couldn't have paddled. We did go on a very nice little trek before the eating began; there was a beautiful little washed out beach, lots of beautiful lake and much general georgian bay gorgeousness.
For food, we had:
trail mix (naturally)PC brand vegetarian chili (I was very perturbed and disappointed to realize that it had no vitamin C in it, despite being a tomato base and having veggies in it...maybe because of the cooking process? unfortunate as I was counting on it to ward off the scurvy)bbq beanssesame fudgecookie ballsbrown rice tortillas (to go with the chi…