Tuesday, May 3, 2011

nothing like raw vegan turtles for a national pity party

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Well, the election happened last night, and boy were the results depressing. We had a record low voter turn out at 58 per cent. Voting poll locations were changed last minute without people knowing about it. And with only 39 percent of the vote, Harper got a majority government. How does 39 per cent equal a majority you ask? Good question (explained with the best video I have ever seen - spoiler: it features kitties!). How does a party that was held in contempt get re-elected, you may also ask? Another great question.

Needless to say, much of the nation (the actual majority) is in need of a serious pity party.

At least there are turtles, the perfect pity party food. Here's a recipe for a raw, vegan, gluten-free version of the delectable chocolate caramel-y treat:

spiced pecan crust
pecan pie crust (made with an additional 1/2tsp nutmeg)

soaked medjool dates - 1/3c
agave or maple syrup (note: maple syrup isn't raw) – 1/4c
water - 1T (more if you want the caramel to be more syrup-y)
raw mesquite powder – 1T

chocolate sauce
2/3c raw cacao powder
1/3c agave nectar
1/3c cacao butter, melted

Roll small balls of the crust dough and press down on a plate, about 1/4"-1/3" thick. Note: In the photos here, I rolled out the base mixture and used a champagne glass to cut out the circles.

With a butter knife, spread a layer of caramel. Top with melted chocolate.

Sift the cacao powder through a sieve into a bowl. Add remaining chocolate sauce ingredients and blend with a small whisk until smooth.

Serve chilled.


ps I'm heading to Iceland this Friday! I've prepared a tons of delicious food to bring and will try and update you guys about my trip via blackberry blogging :)