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The top secret reason for acid reflux and other digestive problems

Many people ask me about digestive problems they are experiencing. For some, it's a matter of feeling tired, heavy, and bloated after eating. For others, it's acid reflux and heartburn...The list goes on.

As someone who has spent most of my lifetime with digestive issues of pretty much every sort you could imagine, I feel for them.

What I explain to people who voice their concerns and issues to me is that when it comes to digestion, there are many moving parts. And, like any machine, an issue with any one part can affect the whole system.

One of the key players in digestion is the stomach. More specifically, many issues arise from a problem with Hydrocloric Acid - one of the stomach's principle secretions and an essential part of the digestive process.

Hydrochloric Acid, or HCl, unfolds protein chanins to make them easier to break down. It also combines with another stomach product Pepsinogen to produce Pepsin. Pepsin is needed to actually break down the protein chains so that…

Sleepless nights no more

Good morning! How did you sleep last night? Not awesomely?

Check out the article I wrote for Elephant Journal that shares five natural ways to end those sleepless nights.

Three foods that reduce inflammation

For all of its bad rap, inflammation is actually important to our health. When we sustain an injury, inflammation is needed to limit the damage to our bodies and to the injured area. Sometimes though, our body might turn on our inflammatory pathways and not be able to turn it off. There is a growing number of studies showing that chronic inflammation might be an underlying factor for many health conditions and degenerative diseases, including arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and cancer.
There are numerous causes of inflammation – an acidic diet, bad fats, refined foods, strenuous exercise, free radicals from environmental pollutants, and even stress. Some are avoidable or can be eliminated from our lives, others can’t be or are things that just aren’t easy to say goodbye to.
However, for every food that could contribute to inflammation in our bodies, there is a food that is great at supporting the body’s anti-inflammatory processes and functions. Here are three of my fave…

Gluten-free vegan gnocchi with a sundried tomato marinara sauce

This year's Thanksgiving was another great gastro success. My mom and I took over the kitchen, each with our own designated areas - key for minimal panic while trying to create a multi course meal for eight in a few hours. I took on three dishes - a raw apple pie in a spiced pecan crust, a pumpkin tiramisu, and a gnocchi as one of the main course entrees.

For the gnocchi, I adapted a recipe by Allyson Kramer and whipped up an easy and quick sundried tomato marinara sauce with oregano fresh from the garden. The result was a delicious, light, and fluffy pasta.

Gnocchi2 medium (about 3" length, 2" width) white potatoes
1 medium sweet potato (about 4" length, 2.5" wide)
1 3/4 cup gluten-free flour mix (see below)
1/3 cup nutritional yeast
3 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp salt

Peel the potatoes, cut into small pieces and boil until they are soft. Using a potato masher, smoosh them up, adding the other ingredients a bit at a time and continuing to smoosh until everything is well comb…

Beach, mountains, and hunger: How my tummy became my travel guide.

Last year, as my 29th birthday loomed near, I decided to leave the country and the continent and all my friends and family and spend close to a year in South America. I travelled and hiked and almost got hit by lightening, came close to falling off cliffs, and was nearly lost in the Andes forever. But one of my most difficult challenges came while surrounded by beach and sun in Colombia.

A healthy Thanksgiving makeover

This year, give Thanksgiving a healthy makeover for a holiday that's good for the whole body, mind, and spirit. Here are seven tips to up the fun, delicious, and good-for-you factors of Pumpkin Day.

Is cinnamon dangerous for your health?

This sweet and delicious spice is getting a bad rap, which is possibly best summed up with my parents' serious inquiry at dinner the other night "...I heard cinnamon was killing people..."

Why do they think that and what is the truth (if any) behind it? Read this article I wrote over at my new blog to find out.


A precarious hike in the Andes...or, how I almost fell off a mountain while peeing

Fun fact: I may or may not have a habit of almost getting struck by lightning...details details...! Here's a story of the second time it happened, and how I almost fell off a cliff while peeing in the middle of the night.


Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream

As far as I'm concerned, it's always the perfect season, day, week, year, moment for ice cream. If you're looking for a fix of the delicious stuff right now, try this ridiculously easy and super healthy dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free peanut butter banana ice cream.


Apples in pregnancy: Why you should take a bite

We know that certain things that we’re exposed to in pregnancy can affect the health of our babies. Smoking, chemicals, alcohol, even coffee…we hear all about how dangerous these can be. But, did you know that it can go the other way too?? There are certain foods that we can eat while pregnant that will benefit our children, making them healthier and happier when they enter the world.
Apples are one of these baby-loving superfoods. Research has found that expecting moms who ate apples gave birth to children who had a lower risk of developing asthma and asthma-related symptoms. How do you like them apples??
Here are some of my fave apple-licious recipes to keep you in the red, yellow, and green this fall…
Baked apples Blueberry apple pear juice Raw spiced apple pie
xo Selene

Boost your immunity and fight flus and colds like a superstar

Want to be a flu-fighting, cold-clobber superhero this winter? Join my Wellness Workshop on October 29 and you'll learn how to boost your immunity to stay healthy this season.

In the one-hour workshop, you will learn:

Foods, nutrients, and herbs that boost your immunityFoods and habits that impair your immunityHow to fight off colds and flus should you get oneSign up now and save!

A surprising health benefit of avocados

Move over cheeseburger, cool cats everywhere are now clamouring for the tasty awesome green dream that is the avocado! In addition to making everything delicious, they also come with a crazy super'll never guess what it is!

The time I almost died in the Andes...Or, a beautiful hike in Podocarpus National Park

“That was really unsafe. I think we almost died last night,” was Caleb’s morning greeting to me at our happenstance camp site in the Andes. I had just been thinking the same thing as I was surveying my tent, which I had unknowingly in the dark of night pitched precariously close to the edge of a cliff. Considering the complete lack of map or signs along the way, we had been lucky to find any camping spot the night before as we hiked in the dark and under threat of non-stop rain.
Against the warnings of the park rangers, we were one day into a hike in Podocarpus National Park in South Ecuador attempting to reach the ever elusive, and we were beginning to suspect quite fabled, lagoons. Most of the hike took us along the ridge of the mountains where the view was spectacular, but one misstep would have you quite quickly falling to doom and gloom.
Being in rainy season at an altitude of a couple of thousand feet, much of our hiking took place in and among the clouds. There is something unspe…

Wellness workshop: Boost your immunity to stay flu-free this winter

Looking to beat cold and flu season this year? Want to escape the clutches of runny noses and ground shaking coughing fits? Come to my upcoming workshop and learn how to become an immunity superstar!

On October 29 at 6:30p.m., in the junction area of Toronto, I'll be holding a one-hour workshop that will teach you: - how the immune system works to keep you healthy - which foods impair your immune system, and which to eat to boost it - vitamins, herbs, and minerals that help boost your immunity - how to fight off a cold or flu when you get one Book today and save!

BIG NEWS: I have a brand new monthly newsletter! The first issue went out today packed full of fun recipes and deliciously easy healthy living tips. Check it out if you haven't yet, and don't forget to share it with your friends! xo Selene

Cinnamon will kick blood sugar's butt

Do you know what trex hates more than push-ups?? Unbalanced blood sugar! Check out the article I wrote for Engage Africa Foundation to find out why he's chosen cinnamon to fight this common foe!!!
Also, don't forget todownload my new book full of superfoods, like cinnamon, and super recipes that will boost your health and make life even more awesome!

DIY Pumpkin Spice Body Scrub

Crisp mornings, clean air, colourful leaves...dry skin.

Is the changing weather leaving you with uncomfortable, itchy, and flaky skin that's dampening your autumnal spirit? You're not alone. For many of us the beauty of fall is quickly sidelined by seasonal dryness.

To get back your fall cheer - just in time for long walks in leaf-strewn parks and ravines - this gentle homemade Pumpkin Spice Body Scrub may be just what you need.

This easy-to-make body scrub will turn any bathroom into a luxurious spa. The sea salt creates a mineral-rich exfoliator, the olive oil a deep moisturizer, and the cinnamon and nutmeg add the delicious pumpkin pie smell that screams fall. Slather it on in the shower or bath, gently massage in a circular motion, and then rinse it off while leaving the oils to soothe and soften your crocodile skin away.

To make
1/4 cup oil
1/2 cup sea salt
1 Tbsp cinnamon
1/2 Tbsp nutmeg

Stir all the ingredients together and store in a glass jar.
Enjoy your glowing and smooth skin…

Brazil nuts have super powers

It's true - they do!

Download my free ebook, Everyday Superfoods, for more information on Brazil nuts and eight other amazing foods, plus nine super awesome recipes, including Brazil nut milk.

5 Healthy Fall Recipes

It’s officially fall! How super exciting! I’ve already started wearing layered sweaters and cute ankle boots in celebration. The apples are out, squash in every possible shape, colour, and size abound! Turn on your ovens, pick up some pumpkins, and let’s get our fall food fun on! Here are five deliciously simple, tasty, and healthy autumn inspired recipes for you to enjoy while watching the leaves change colour.

Pumpkin pie smoothie
Raw pumpkin mousse pie
Baked apples
Raw apple pie
The healthiest carrot cake ever

I’m off to jump in piles of leaves!!!

p.s. what's your fave fall food??

The healthiest carrot cake ever

Carrots are amazingly naturally sweet and full of awesome health super powers, like their crazy antioxidant strength and eye-boosting magic. If you're looking for a new and delicious way to enjoy this fall's harvest, try this carrot cake that's not only super healthy, but also raw, vegan, and free of refined sugars and gluten.
xo Selene