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a post i am required to do: web design do's and don'ts

*I deleted this post because it didn't really fit in this blog but then saw it as it was being deleted and, being the narcissist I am, fell in love with my wittiness and had to put it back.*

Do know your audienceThis will help you target your design and content to make sure it appeals to who you want it to appeal to.
Do use short sentencesPeople are lazy. FACT. Computer screens cause eye strain and are hard to read a lot on. The web has made people want information fast and now. This means concise, clear and compelling sentences. Deal.
Do use correct spellingOtherwise you shall look like a moron. True Story.
Do use descriptive titlesPeople like to have many windows open. Fact. It is important that at a glance they can easily find the exact window they are looking for.
Do use a consistent look and feelOther wise you shall look like an early 90s page. ie. ugly.

Don't use jargonNo one cares for your pretentious jackassery.
Don't use colours that clashThat early 90s point …