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Preventing Cataracts Naturally

Itttt was pretty much fullblown summer here in Toronto. We enjoyed a week in the high 20's. Which means I got to rock my fave pair of shades - and frankly, the only pair I've ever had that looks good on me. My friend Neesa asked to see them, looked at them for 10 seconds, and handed them back while saying "these aren't UV protected - you'd be better off not wearing anything at all!"
I immediately went into denial "say whhhhaaaaat???"
Neesa: Yea, see how they have no UV number on the inside? That means they have no protection.
Then I went straight to bargaining "but they're shaded, so doesn't that still block stuff?"
Neesa, with an arrow straight through my heart: No. In fact, it makes them worse for your eyes. the shading causes your eyes to open up more, letting in more light.
I was angry for having been misled in the past to think a shade is a shade. Angry that I finally found a rocking pair of shades that looked hot on me, and …

Wet socks and the flu

Argh! I'm sick! Sick with a knock you off your feet flu. I woke up yesterday just long enough to realize that every single joint hurt, I had mad chills and I couldn't stand for more than 30seconds without feeling like I was going to pass out! So I went back to sleep. I slept 36 hours, waking up for 10 minutes here and there. Feeling better today - aches and pains are gone, chills are gone. Still can't stand up though, and I still have no appetite. My kitties have been helpful - well as helpful as kitties can be. They didn't bug me when I slept through dinner time yesterday, and they have created an excellent kitty blanket to keep me warm. They still haven't quite figured out how to make me tea though...

Last night before going to bed again for the night, I managed to do something that was definitely key in healing me as much as I've healed. It's going to sound super icky. And I'm not going to lie, the first couple of times you do it, it IS. But it'…

Hello old friend, I've missed you

Thank you for the emails and messages. I know I have been terrible about staying in touch. So much has happened and  have so much to tell you! Let's sit for a cup of tea and catch up!

First of all: where have I been?? Has it really been since last AUGUST??? My time flies when you're in love. Yes, that's right. I've been having a love affair - with my city, Toronto. Toronto has been around my whole life and it's like my eyes were finally opened and I've fallen hard! At the end of last year I moved to the East Side, and have been busy getting to know my new neighbourhood ever since. I've also had a couple of flings with (possibly) your city! I visited Vancouver, Squamish and Montreal, and I love them all!

Also, I don't know whether I've told you, but I'm currently completing a holistic nutrition certification at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I've been working hard at it and have less than half a year left till I'm done and an o…