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Good morning blueberry pear juice

I have finally signed up for a weekly CSA box and have been getting insanely delicious organic pears. Really, I never ate pears before because there was always such a high liklihood of them being all mealy and not that great. This organic, local food box has changed my life when it comes to fruit, and especially my opinion on pears! Bosc, bartlett, the other random type they've sent! Insanely juicey and sweet, and with an amazing texture! Looking for more ways to enjoy them, I started to experiment with making a juice. Well, really more of a blended fruit drink as fibre is one of my fave characteristics of fruit and I'm not about to give that away to a juicer!  I also love that you can blend up the skin of the fruit, adding even more of a nutritional punch to this delicious and refreshing drink.

Cinnamon-spiked blueberry pear juice
1 large pear (any kind), excluding the core
1 medium apple, excluding the core
1/2c blueberries (I used frozen wild blueberries since it&#…

Book review: Raw & Beyond

I recently read the book Raw & Beyond, a book by three raw food “gurus” that share their personal journeys with the raw food diet and how they came to the decision to reintroduce cooked foods into their diets. The three authors, Victoria Boutenko, Elaina Love, and Chad Sarno, each do their own introduction before sharing a variety of recipes that fit with their new idea of the ultimate diet for optimal health. The book is based on a couple key premises:
Eat a whole foods diet with limited processed foods (including oils and agave, as they are technically processed)Ensure your diet is high in omega 3 fatty acids, and that the ratio of those omega 3’s to omega 6’s is between 1:1 and 1:4Aim for high raw rather than 100% raw. Sometimes cooked foods are what your body needs.
Things I really liked about this book: The premise is great – a whole foods diet, eating more veggies, and eating more omega 3’s are all things I stand behind 100%. I also completely support including raw foods in you…

Vegan dinner party!!!!

I've moved! Visit my new blog La Belle Vie for more recipes and healthy living tips. Don't forget to update your bookmarks <3 br=""> There are few things I love more than dinner parties. They're pretty much my favourite way to see and chill with friends - especially when it's not beach picnic weather. Here is the deliciousness that was enjoyed at one I went to the other week (all photos by Lucas Soloway).

Oven-roasted peppers, mushrooms and aubergine with a cesar salad. Salad made by the lovely Joanne of We Animals.
Lasagna in an alfredo sauce made by the amazing Lucas. The lasagna recipe is by PETA and can be found here, the alfredo sauce is by Don't Get Mad, Get Vegan. You can get gluten-free lasagna noodles at certain stores (check Kensington if you're in Toronto). If you can't find them, then make this dish with gluten-free pasta as a casserole!
The Kind Life's Candied ginger pears by Joe and my chocolate orange gluten-free biscotti …