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shaved asparagus adds a touch of awesome to any dish

I made a commitment to myself to not eat out this month, which means having to prepare and pack myself lunch everyday, and dinner on some days too (as I don't have time to go home and eat before my evening activities). I'm also trying to eat a larger variety of foods and food combinations. I love to cook and try new dishes, but when I'm tired or super busy, I tend to rely on the same dishes. Do you find that you do this too? Well, we're not alone! With all the gazillions of foods out there, people tend to rely on the same small selection - on average, only about 15!!

So tonight I made my awesomely easy carrot lentil salad, but changed it up a bit. I used a lentil blend instead of just green lentils, and I added shaved asparagus!! Fancy! and super easy to do! You just buy the big asparagus stalks (as opposed to the thin ones, which i prefer for roasting), snap off the tough bottoms, and use a veggie peeler to make thin strips! I'm going to be adding shaved asparagu…