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lasagna in the buff...although maybe not the sundried tomatoes...but they could be!

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Tonight I made a mainstay in our kitchen (is that even the right word? Too lazy to google...): raw lasagna! I'm not 100% sure the sundried tomatoes I used were raw as they were unlabeled (which probably means highly processed...damn.), but you could use raw ones! I will one day make raw ones! they sound easy and delicious. I just get a little concerned with not knowing just how perishable dehydrated items are. I mean I feel like they shouldn't be at all, but I have no real way of telling! It stresses me out.

Anyway, this is the boy's fave meal right now. Some of the components are based off recipes from elsewhere. But I am lazy and don't like to dirty dishes unless absolutely necessary and so don't really measure anything. AND I'm always more that a little perturbed by just how much oil raw recipes use, so I tend to cut back a lot there. I know, I know, it's awesomely wonderful for you. But I'm not the type of person who only eats till I'm full. No, I consume huge quantities of things. And so, it's not so good for me.

to make:
if you're using organic, or have a good pesticide wash, use the skin - delicious, adds colour and I'm sure it's probably like the healthiest part of the whole damn thing; if not, peel the mofo.
With a peeler, slice thinly. If it's a long zuc, I chop it in half width wise first. Also, I find it helps to take off a layer on one side so it's flat and then put that side down and slice from other side - you know, so it's not all rolly.

wilted spinach
olive oil

wash and chop your spinach. Toss with olive oil (a bit, like 1-2 tbsp for 2 cups) and sea salt (about 1-2 tsp for the same amount). Set aside while doing the rest. Before slicing the noodles. Probably should have positioned these instructions differently...could change it now but, read above: la-zy.

tomato sauce
In a blender combine 2 large chopped tomatoes, 1-2Tbsp olive oil, 1-2 cloves derooted garlic, sundried tomatoes and some basil (optional). blend blend! Then let it sit for a bit so the sundried tomatoes can absorb the liquid and blend a bit more.

I loosley adapted from Everyday Raw's macadamia ricotta:
1c macadamia nuts, soaked and well rinsed
3Tbsp nutritional yeast (ESSENTIAL INGREDIENT. Do not try and make any sort of raw or vegan cheese without it. ever. And if you're worried about getting enough B12 in your daily life, get the kind with the extra B12 in it; it's more expensive, but still reasonable.)
1-2Tbsp olive oil
1/4c water
1/2-1 Tbsp lemon juice
1/4tsp sea salt

food process it up until you've achieved a creamy texture. You might need to add a BIT more water to keep it moving. But seriously add very little as a time otherwise it'll be runny and you'll think it's gross and not want to eat it or have anything to do with it and then you'll cry and then I'll cry and you'll scream, like the kid currently screaming in my apartment's hallway "LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DOOOOO" while sobbing.

make one layer of zucchini pieces, put a slice of tomato, cover in cheese, wilted spinach, tomato sauce; put a layer of zucchini going the other way (like if the first layer they were facing north-south, 2nd layer is facing east-west), repeat other steps; one more layer of noodles (back to north-south), tomato sauce and cheese and top with a tiny piece of tomato or basil or however else you would like to make it look pretty.

xoxo off to bed!


Burn said…

You are a shero! This recipe is amazing. We just tried it out and it might be the best rawcipe we've made... pretty much ever.
Thanks for bein such a great resource for us as we transition into a raw lifestyle.


P.S. A tiny bit of irony: the word verification to leave this comment ends in oven... teehee
Anonymous said…
love reading your blog! the nutritional yeast is sure a helper with taste, but I can't handle it physically, so I lazily challenge you to experiment for me and possibly come up one day with something flavor wise as a replacement- if you do find something that works, please post it! The closest thing I've come up with is just letting nut cheeze ferment/culture(which is actually pretty good but I'm sometimes to impatient to wait). if you ever do stumble upon any spice/flavor combos that rese,ble cheezyness otherwise, would love to see what you find! thanks for blogging you rock:)!

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