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raw-spiced-almond-milk-icious! (and a very sad story)

Well, not sad for mold affecionados, but sad for mes. My weekend was a mold fest. The mold ruined everything I love at this particular moment in time. And apparently made me incredibly overdramatic...But seriously! 1. My container garden on the back deck. My beautifu little garden, which is being dug up almost nightly by cute little masked mammals looking for grubs. So I covered it with cayenne. Kept the racoons away, sure. But, also taught me this fabulous lesson: cayenne pepper is a mold magnet! Who knew!? All my containers were filled with the stuff! The boy suggested we mix it into the soil. I'm really hoping that doesn't just kill all my plants...
2. My macadamia/cashew nut cheese. I have recently tried my hand at culturing raw cheese. The results were both fascinating AND delicious. Tried it again with a nut blend. Left it 8 hours too long, and I'm PRETTY SURE I made some weird alcoholic nut cheese substance. Ok, not mold, but still ruined!
3. My lemon for my water at work. Sat in my bag for just a week, checked it this morning to test my new lucky streak (sarcasm) and lo and behold, MOLD! IN MY BAG!
4. The almonds I was soaking for my first attempt at raw nut milk. Left them soaking overnight and MOLD! This particular scenario had never happened to me before. I always soak nuts forever! From now on, totally soaking them in the fridge.

But, I was not to be discouraged!! Well, actually I was horribly so...distraught and despondent as well...but I was also really wanting to try the damn almond milk already! So, I soaked another batch of almonds while at work (IN THE FRIDGE), came home and almond milked away!!

1 cup almonds, soaked 6-8 hours, rinsed well
4 cups water (though next time I think I'll try 3)
agave nectar to taste (or dates! I wish I had thought to use dates!)
pinch sea salt
1/8 tsp cardamon
1/8 tsp cinammon
1/8 tsp nutmeg

blend the almonds with the water. pour through a cheese cloth on a mesh strainer (I think I used 4 layers of cheese cloth. When you get to the point where most of the liquid is through, wrap the cheese cloth around the remaining almond pulp and squeeze, share with a friend how coo it looks when the little droplets come out the individual holes, and squeeze some more. Dehydrate your almond pulp or store it wet in the fridge to be used in other exciting raw food recipes. Put the liquid back in the blender with the remaining ingredients and blend blend blend. Store in the fridge 2-3 days.

Bonus smoothie recipe!!
1 mango
enough spiced almond milk to cover.
blend! enjoy the spicy mango-y deliciousness.


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