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stuffed peppers!

I always thought I hated stuffed peppers. And then last year my mom made me some and they were ah-mazing! And then I went to a wedding and had some there - also delicious! But they seemed like a lot of work, so I never thought about making them.

But for some reason today at about 10 a.m. I decided I really really needed to have some and that for dinner this was the way to go!

They were actually super easy to make - though the cooking process does take a while. My photos suck as my place is incredibly poorly lit and super messy (from the packing...that my husband is doing and that i really should be doing...). But soon that'll all change because we're moving!!!! T minus 2 days to the commencement of actual moving! (which thank god my awesome awesome husband will be taking care of...I hate moving. I just want to be finished it all and be sitting in my awesome new place).

My friend Shannon helped me figure out what to stuff the peppers with (thanks Shannanigans!!).

to make
6 peppers (I used every kind but red because if there's one thing I hate, it's red peppers. bleh)

1 1/2c brown rice (I used long grain because for some reason the only available short grain was 2x the price at 5$ for a tiny package of rice! that's insane!! rice isn't supposed to be that expensive!! it's freakin' rice! but yes, short grain will do and would cook a lot faster)
3 3/4c water (to cook the rice in)
5-6 sizable mushrooms, diced
1 small yellow onion, diced
3 cloves garlic, diced
1 can chickpeas, well rinsed
2 5" sprigs of rosemary (you could probably add a bit more if you like that kind of thing)
2 tsp sea salt

topping (optional. but tastes really really good!!!)
earth balance non-hydrogenated vegan margarine/butter
vegan Parmesan cheese (I have an awesome mom who bought me the rice Parmesan cheese because she's awesome like that)

  1. cook rice.
  2. preheat oven to 350F
  3. mix rice in a large bowl with everything but the peppers.
  4. cut tops off peppers and empty of seeds and white stuff that sticks out on the sides and weird mutant parasite twin peppers growing inside.
  5. fill peppers with rice mix
  6. top each with 1/2-1 tbsp earth balance and with a hearty sprinkle of parmesan (about 1 tbsp)
  7. cook in oven for 45min-1hour (until pepper is soft and looking wrinkly)
  8. I then put in my broiler (one thing I'm going to miss when I move) for like 2 minutes to get a little char-ness to it. I felt it needed it, though it really didn't affect the taste at all; I just like broiling things...

and enjoy!!! yum yum SO GOOD!!! Makes me wish I hadn't filled up on really old roasted potatoes that were soggy because I nuked them to warm them up, ketchup (to mask the taste of gross old potato) and what's probably the worst salsa I've ever had; why did I eat so much gross food... Also makes me wish I hadn't been too lazy to do peppers 5 and 6 (yes, I now have two peppers and a boat load of stuffing left. why the heck didn't I just make them at the same time? I'm clearly not going to now as it took like an hour to cook! WHAT is wrong with me?!?! maybe I can freeze them...hmmm maybe that's what I was thinking? who knows, yucky soggy potatoes probably stopped my brain from working properly).


I havent had a stuff pepper, ever. Mushrooms yes.. but I have yet to conquer the pepper. looks delicious!

best of luck to you in moving!! Fun!
Now this sounds great! We've had stuffed bells twice this month. I've been using lentils with an indian flare and basmati rice and curried veggies on the side. This will be a nice change up. Thanks for the recipe.
wyllow said…
Made this tonight sans cheese and it was AMAZING. This is definitely something I will make again!

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