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Spicy sweet potato chips

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I am currently trying out going completely raw for the week. Well, mostly raw since I'm still using my existing oils and since I have an unnatural dependency on olives. And I am anticipating a glitch in the plan this weekend as I am heading to montreal for family easter with my grandparents. Which means no access to food processor, blender, my kitchen or my food items. It also means being with grandparents that give me enough of a hassle about not eating meat and seem to fear vegetables, so why really throw an extra thing in the mix. Seriously, one time I was eating breakfast with them and had tofu, a kiwi and oatmeal, and while eating dessert cannellonis and cake for breakfast they were yelling at me for being so unhealthy and trying to make me eat JAM because it was more fruit than a kiwi. True story.

Well, anyway, back to the raw thing. I'm a snacker. Especially when I'm at work, I need to snack quite often. Especially around 10/10:30 and at 2:30.

So, here's a recipe for an easy raw snack that will satisfy those salt cravings: spicy sweet potato chips!
Ah, the sweet of the oldest vegetables known to humans. Consumed since prehistoric times, sweet potato relics have been found in Peruvian caves, dating back 10,000 years. Native to South America, the sweet potato was domesticated 5,000 years ago and was brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus following his historic voyage of 1492.

Not only does this amazing root vegetable have a rich history, it's also quite rich in vitamins and minerals. The sweet potato is an excellent source of vitamins A and C, making it an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory powerhouse. Also a great source of fibre and vitamin B6, this veggie provides incredible bang for a very moderate buck - one hearty sized potato ran me $0.71. And, as if it couldn't get any sweeter, the sweet potato is also low in calories (running 86-95 for a potato) and virtually fat-free!

To make
1 sweet potato
2-3T olive oil
cayenne pepper
italian seasoning blend (optional - I didn't make my batch with them, but I could see it being quite tasty)

Using a mandoline, thinly slice your potato. Leave the skin on for vitamins and fibre, and because it just tastes great. After the effort of slicing, take a little break - it's tiring work! Eat the leftover bits of the potato that the mandoline wouldn't slice to recharge. (If you don't have a mandoline, you could probably use a veggie peeler.)

Put the slices in a bowl.
Mix the olive oil with the seasonings in another bowl. Pour the oil mixture over the slices and massage well, making sure every chip is well coated.

Spread on the mesh screen of the dehydrator tray and let dry over night at 115F.

These chips are slightly chewy with a spicy bite. Enjoy with some raw ketchup or just by their own delicious selves.

note: I've been reading that there is something called a trypsin inhibitor in raw sweet potatoes. I can't find much about it or how much you need to consume in order for it to have a negative effect. For this recipe, one potato goes a long way so I figure I'm not eating that much of it raw in any given day. Still, if you're concerned, you could probably try using a yam instead. If you choose to use a yam, be certain of what you're buying as most sweet potatoes are labeled as yams even though they are not in fact yams.


amy said…


What more could you ask for!! I'm going to make these asap. Also, the raw thing, TVA has a potluck tomorrow at 6PM, you should come! Or maybe you already are!
Have a good Easter weekend :)
Selene said…
what! I didn't know TVA had a raw potluck! Sadly I'm out of town till monday but thanks for letting me know! Will definitely check out the next one

Anonymous said…
I was wondering; do you have any recommendations for other raw vegan food blogs/web sites?
Preferably ones without over-complicated gourmet recipes.
I know you're on goneraw(love) and I absolutely adore your site you've got here so I feel as if you would have some wonderful ideas for other sites as well.

Thank you so much!
Iris said…
Love the story about your grandparents. I can relate...not with my family but other people I know. And your photos are awesome in this post!
Selene said…
thanks guys!!
anonymous - currently i'm obsessed with
all her recipes seem pretty simple and straightforward!
This is a great idea for a snack. I love the idea of doing this for parties, etc. Or even packaging them up for cute little gifts.
jd said…
Those sweet potato chips look completely awesome! In fact, I really wanna roll around in them right now :)

Martin John said…
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