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Hello September, Goodbye Summer

Camping in Northern Ontario

I know, I know...I've been a bad blogger. I kept starting to write a post, but then would get distracted by the fleeting summer. Sigh, summer...what happened summer? You let me down! Why have you been so cold??

I don't claim to be a weather expert, or even to know anything about weather patterns, in any way, but I blame Earl. Around the time that the hurricane started coming toward the Maritimes, it became super cold, very windy, and the flash torrential downpours started here in Toronto. Darn you, Earl, darn you!!

I kept hoping (I think we all did) that the warmth would come back...but the serious signs of the end of summer have since happened: the CNE and the Toronto Vegetarian Food Fair. Sure signs of fall.

I've also been a bad blogger because I've just been bad when it comes to food. I have not been a very healthy girl at all. Or an inspired girl, when it comes to food.

BUT I'm back and there are a lot of exciting things coming up:
  • I am going to be guest blogging for Iris at The Daily Dietribe on September 19 to welcome the fall (will I overcome my bitterness about fall by then? That remains to be seen...).
  • There will be a GIVEAWAY(!!!) from a CSN store.
  • There will be a SNEAK PREVIEW from Victoria Boutenko's new book, Green for Life.
  • And I'm going back to school! To become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, which means that there will be a lot more food-and-health related content! 
 So stay tuned for all the fun things to come!!



wyllow said…
YAY about going back to school!!! I know what you mean about being unhealthy/uninspired. What happened to us ? ? ? lol must get back on track...
Selene said…
lol I know!! I for sure thought that the summer, with all its produce and flavours and colours would be nonstop inspiration. I guess not...Here's to fall with _it's_ produce and flavours and colours being the fall of fantastic foods!
Wow, congrats on going back to school! Good Luck!

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