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The salad formula: Amazing salads made easy

I've moved! Visit my new blog La Belle Vie for more recipes and healthy living tips. Don't forget to update your bookmarks xoxo
Salads are an amazing meal option. They offer a variety of tastes and textures and a mega dose of nutrients. They're also super portable and don't require heating, which makes them a great lunch for work.

Sadly, many people have an irrational hate for the salad. A hate that stems from the unfortunate myth that salads are confined to two to three ingredients, one usually being lettuce, and that they can't ever be enough to fill someone up, and that they're just for diets and therefore a food you don't really want to eat but do occasionally and grudgingly like it's a punishment.

The truth is that salads, with their endless combinations, are a form of culinary art; they require imagination and innovation. And without it, salads are in fact just lettuce with a slice or two of tomato and cucumber, maybe some onion. But don't b…

raw collard-wrapped springrolls

I've moved! Visit my new blog La Belle Vie for more recipes and healthy living tips. Don't forget to update your bookmarks. xoxoxo

Collard greens, destemmed
shitake mushroom caps, sliced, marinated
snow peas, cut into strips
carrots, julienned
napa cabbage, cut into strips
cucumber, cut into strips

1 tbsp ginger, minced
2 cloves garlic, derooted, minced
2 tbsp tamari
2 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp sesame oil

Marinate the mushrooms for 15-30 min. Squeeze out excess marinate back into bowl and set marinate aside.
Put ingredients in the middle of the collard leaf and roll. Wrap and secure the roll with a strip of seaweed.
Use marinate for dipping. For a richer sauce, add in some nut butter or tahini.



Happy St. Paddy's Day!

In celebration of St. Patrick's Day, here's a delicious green smoothie to start your morning off right. This refreshing beverage, stocked full of flavour and nutrients, will leave you feeling satisfied.

Awesome affordable organic produce discoveries:
President's Choice Celery ($2.99), LoblawsPresident's Choice baby spinach ($4.99/tub), loblaws Carrots ($2.99) at loblaws or metro Ontario Greenhouse tomatoes are usually a decent price, are not genetically engineered and are "virtually pesticide free"

Rawlicious: A cookbook

Very excitingly, on Wednesday while I was at work a package came for me. It's always fun when packages come at work. Especially when the return address on it is not from our fulfillment house.

I tore open the envelope (ok, I cut the side off neatly with scissors after I struggled for like three minutes to tear the envelope...) to find Rawlicious a raw food cookbook by Peter and Beryn Daniel. Rawlicious was originally published in 2009 in South Africa and will soon be available in North America.

Rawlicious offers a nice sampling of a variety of dishes, from smoothies to soups to mains with a section on combining the different components to make a gourmet meal. The recipes are easy to make without many specialty ingredients, which I personally always look for in a cookbook. There are tons of recipes I'm excited to try, especially ones using sprouted legumes, such as the sprouted lentil burger and sprouted chick pea falafels. I love sprouting legumes because it's so easy and…

quickie post: yogurt plus chia seeds equals love

Totally into yoso vanilla soy yogurt right now.
My fave ways to enjoy it?

chocolate chia goji mousse madness
mix vanilla soy yogurt with raw cacao powder and 1tbsp chia seeds. Mix well and let sit in the fridge for at least 15 minutes. When you take it out of the fridge, the texture will be more like a mousse. add in goji berries, mix and enjoy!!

cookies and goji goodness

break off pieces of raw cookie dough into vanilla soy yogurt. Mix in goji berries and enjoy!