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Spiced stuffed baked apples - now that's how you welcome fall!

Terrible picture, I know. I can't find my camera, so this was taken on my cousin's cell phone. This is a super easy fall time dessert I made for thanksgiving dinner with the family and some friends who don't have family in Canada. It tastes just like apple pie!

My parents always travel in the fall, and I was in Vancouver with my best friend last year, so we've missed the past three years of Thanksgiving. So this year it was kind of a big deal. And we ended up with ten (!!) people - the four of us, my sister's boyfriend and friend, my couch surfer from France, my cousin who is visiting from India, and his two roommates who are also from India. Overall, it was an amazing Thanksgiving weekend and gave me so much to be thankful for - I spent all my time doing amazing things with amazing people including some very close friends and some new friends. 

One negative thing about the whole weekend was around someone who I thought was close to me. I tend to take my personal relationships very seriously and can be pretty sensitive when someone pulls a mean girl/guy on me. The situation has got me down over the past week and has had me thinking a lot about the people in my life and who and what I spend my energy on. I think, a week later, I finally have some resolution on the whole matter. At the end of the day, I try to approach everyone I meet with the assumption that I like them and that they're awesome. In most cases, judging by this past summer alone, this ends up being amazing and I have been lucky to have people in my life who mean a great deal to me. And even people who I've only spent a little bit of time with, it's still been amazing and resulted in great conversation and many laughs. However, doing this does also mean opening yourself up to the possibility that someone will disappoint you. And I have definitely been disappointed and it does definitely hurt. And since I'm an overthinker and a can guess how that has gone. But, I decided late last night/today that I'm done dwelling and that I'm not going to regret giving these people a chance to be a part of my life even though it didn't work out, that I'm not going to not give other people an open invitation to be a part of my life out of fear, because that would be ridiculous and I would miss out on so much. So, as with fall, time to clean out the old and focus on the beautiful colours of life. And, of course, eat delicious baked apples.

Spiced stuffed baked apples
empire apples, cored all the way through (I used a corer and it was so so easy. and then i scraped a bit at the sides with the corer to make the hole bigger.I saved those non-core apple bits for the mix)
cranberries, fresh or frozen
chopped apple from when you hollowed the apples out
maple syrup (optional)

Preheat oven at 425F
Place hollowed out apples in a baking dish
mix pecans, cranberries, chopped apple, cinnamon and a bit of maple syrup (I used very little)
stuff apples with the mix to the top
Bake in oven until soft 

Serve with almond cream or just enjoy on their own.

What's your favourite fall time dessert?



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