Sunday, May 9, 2010

Raw vegan meal plan (Day 3) and the magic of raw soup

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One of my favourite things to make raw food-wise is soup. Not only are raw soups a healthful and tasty addition to any meal, but they're also super easy to make. Have a bowlful as a starter course, a snack or even as a meal.

A great way to use up any veggies you have kicking around, you can make them from just about anything. Have a tomato and only one lonely carrot left over from other cooking ventures? Instant, delicious carrot-tomato soup! Incredibly and refreshingly easy to make, just throw all the ingredients in a blender, add some water if needed and blend, blend, blend. Seriously, raw soups can be made from anything! Well, anything that blends well...Tomatoes, herbs, garlic, avocados, mushrooms, the list goes on!

If you want a creamy soup, add avocado or soaked cashews. To thin the soup to the right consistency, add water.

For this daily meal plan I made a creamy spinach soup from some veggies that didn't make it into other dishes. I added the cores of some zucchini left over from making spaghetti and some fridge-wilted spinach that wasn't too appealing to eat straight up.

Breakfast: Spiced granola with blueberries and nut milk
Snack: fruit fruit fruit (it's MANGO SEASON after all!!)
Lunch: creamy spinach soup (zucchini, spinach, soaked cashews, water as needed)
Snack: sweet n spicy corn chips
Dinner: lasagna in the buff

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